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David developed a passion for cars early in life.  An indelible trip to Bavaria, Germany at the age of 5 first exposed David to unrestricted speed on the Autobahn, and immediately cemented his desire to build and race Audis and Porsches of his own.   His dad, Chuck, owned a service station in the 1950's in Chicago, and under his tutelage, David learned to become a mechanic.  Turning wrenches at a young age, David developed a deep appreciation of cars and took particular interest in the 1981 Audi 4000 the family purchased.   He has since continued to assemble a stable with favorite Audi and Porsche examples of race, rally and street.


David found a community of Audi enthusiasts to feed his hearty appetite of story swapping, mechanical advice and car bartering.  David first traveled from Chicago to Steamboat Springs, CO to meet his new circle of friends for a weekend of ice driving, an annual ritual repeated for nearly the next 30 years.  He participated in track events, eventually earning instructor status, and self-enrolled in welding school to acquire practical bodywork and car restoration capabilities.  Sharing a common interest in Audi ownership, the group eventually formed Q Club North America in honor of their beloved quattraos and the club hosted several driving clinics, driver education events and track days, sharing a common interest in Audi ownership. 


To gain a better understanding of Audi mechanical components, David amassed a collection of spec and repair manuals and furiously studied them.  He accumulated specialty tools and stockpiled classic Audis along with vintage car components which were becoming scarcer. As a hobbyist, he unable to channel his full-time attention into car restorations, but his captivation with the German car culture couldn’t be suppressed. David had his eyes on achieving a big goal:  building a replica of the classic rally car, an A1 Audi Quattro and follow in the footsteps of the greats including Michele Mouton who ultimately finished 1st place on Pike’s Peak in 1985 with her Sport Quattro SI E2 and rally car icon Walter Rohrl. 


After fabricating a wildly "unrealistic" project plan to construct his dream car, David finished just days before the 2012 Pikes Peak race.  Today, the car is the oldest competing in Time Attack class by 16 years.  

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